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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Jul 26, 2009 4:08pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: My Attempt Not to Hate the 80s (Redux)

My favorite year is '77, with '72 close behind...and my prefrences run generally '76-'79 for what I consider "the best" Dead. That being said....

When you're talkin' quality 80's, you gotta go early, then late. Skip the middle of the decade (for the most part...there are a few '84 gems sprinkled in) and you're in for a treat. For the early bits:

Get the official "Go to Nassau" release of the 5/15-16/80 shows. Unreal stuff. Clean, sharp, jamming, Jerry in fine voice. All you could want.

For here on the LMA, check out one of the best AUDs ever and an AMAZING show from Hampton:

This show is an ordinary-looking set list with triple AAA performances, esp. LIG>DEAL (scorching), ALTHEA, and a sick STRANGER>FRANKLINS. Great 2nd set too w/a standout WHEEL.

Then for an '82 treat, I love this show from the Frost:

Has one of the best T-JEDS ever, and so much more. Tight playing throughout. Brent shines. Even the BABY BLUE encore is killer.

Then imagine if you had been lucky enough to be in Augusta, ME. for one of the truly best shows of the decade. The 2nd set is legandary ending in a DEW that rivals 5/8/77. Everything from UJB through the insane Space>PITB>UJB reprise will blow your mind. And 1st set is no slouch either (ON THE ROAD AGAIN, CR&S are amazing.)

Then ignore most all of '85-'88 (yes, there are some exceptions. SPAC '85 is sweet.) But if you really want a best-of-80's head straight to the summer ALPINE VALLEY run of 1989. (7/17-19/89). All 3 shows are worthy of any decade's great ones.